Terrazza a Mare thanks to its very original architecture identifies immediately Lignano Sabbiadoro. It is a pub with many souls: an internal space with many expositive rooms, the peculiar white furniture of the bar, the wide terrace that surrounds the restaurant-bar with scenic view and finally the long jetty that runs out the Adriatic Sea. Lignano Sabbiadoro rises up on the border with Veneto region, on a peninsula drawn by the mouth of the Tagliamento River and by the streams of the Adriatic Sea, between the open sea and the Lagoon of Marano, in the northern part of the Venetian Gulf. Beach has very thin sand and measures 8 Km; part of the peninsula has covered with a luxuriant and fresh pine forest. The rich vegetation of Lignano consist of local species or present from as many years in the peninsula: lines of holm oaks run along the seafront, black pines, domestic or producing pine nuts, linden, Siberian elm, birches, plane trees and horse chestnuts. It’s very interesting the presence of very big oaks in the urban panorama because testify an aspect of the environment that has disappeared. Ernest Hemingway lived here for a period.